S. Cuff Shirt & Shorts

S.Cuff shirts and shorts were specially designed with the bike rider in mind.

Whether your cycling journey begins with your daily commute to work or you just want to enjoy a ride for pleasure, this is the shirt for you!

odor resistant cycling apparel


4-Way Stretch

Made from four way stretch fabric and exclusively designed by S. Cuff, this shirt is soft, absorbent and durable for serious cyclists. It's natural and durable, and its anti-bacterial properties strongly inhibit bacteria growth so you stay fresher, longer.

Front Zipper Pocket

Patented front zipper pocket enables you to carry essential items while you ride.

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Colors: light blue and charcoal gray

Sizes: Medium- XXXL

Fabric: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

odor resistant cycling shirt and shorts


Our gear resists wrinkles and odors, keeping you fresh before, during, and after your ride.

fast drying cycling gear for e-bike riders


Moisture wicking chitosante: ride to work any time of year.

wrinkle resistant cycling gear for men blue


No need to pack a change of clothes when your shirt and shorts are as wrinkle free as the minute they came out of the dryer.

S.Cuff Shorts

Made from Dintex fabric, these shorts are tough, wrinkle free, breathable and have a mesh inside lining for all your cycling needs.

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DINTEX fabric is a special membrane engineered with state of the art technology guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable from the inside to the outside. Suitable for all weather conditions, Dintex provides an impenetrable layer to prevent water and wind coming in from any type of weather.

Zipping Back Pocket

Patented zipped back pocket enables you to carry essential items while you ride.


Colors: Stella blue, Flint grey and Malbec rust red

Sizes: Medium- XXXL


Outer layer: 94% Polyester, 6%Spandex 

Inner Liner: (DINTEX)100% Polyurethane

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