S.Cuff Cycling Gear

We built cycling gear that helps you stay dry while you ride.

Let's make cycling fun again.

odor resistant cycling apparel
odor resistant cycling apparel
casual cycling apparel odor resistant
casual ebike gear for women

Performance Gear meets Casual Style

I'm an avid e-bike rider that likes to ride my bike everywhere.  Unfortunately, I have a serious sweating issue.

I created our commuter cycling line so that I can ride to work or events sweat and odor free.

fast drying cycling gear for e-bike riders


Moisture wicking chitosante: ride to work any time of year.

odor resistant cycling shirt and shorts


Our gear resists wrinkles and odors, keeping you fresh before, during, and after your ride.

cycling shirt with zipper for men


Never again will you worry about losing your wallet or keys.

scott cuff casual cycling apparel

We've Got Your Six

As a disabled veteran, Scott knows what it takes to adapt in the most brutal of situations and terrains.

Our shorts were designed with the experience of countless years being in the desert, jungles and swamps.  

For the Greater Cycling Community

Cycling is our favorite way stay healthy and be part of a community.

We empathize with the growing pains of the greater cycling community that's yearning for more bike lanes and safety laws. Our goal is to work with E-Bike charity rides to build more lanes and paths, impact legislature, and play a part in the growing safety of our community.