Cycling 101: Our Top 10 Tips for Bicycle Maintenance

bike maintenance for daily commuters

Several years ago my younger son and I were riding on an arduous mountain bike trail, and halfway through the trail my sons mountain bicycle inner tube had popped.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a spare inner tube and we had to walk almost 2 miles to get home. From this experience I have learned that bicycle maintenance is key to longevity and for safety of its riders.

The following are my top 10 maintenance tips that I have learned from cycling enthusiasts and years of my own trials and errors. These maintenance tips can be used for all types of cyclists from mountain bikers, E-Bikers and road cyclist.

Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Bike

1. Check your  brake pads and have a spare set at home. 

2. Remember, a clean bike is not just a happy bike but, more important, a clean bike makes finding issues easier.  

3. Lube the chain every few rides. 

4. Chain lube is best applied after a ride, not before.

5. Check for any signs of tire wear or sidewall damage. With tubeless, look for any signs of sealant seeping out (could be splattered on the bike). 

6. Give the bike a quick bounce and listen for anything loose or unfamiliar. 

7. Charge shifter batteries once a month or visually check cable housing for damage or weird bends. 

8. Remember, derailleurs don’t adjust themselves so resist the urge to turn screws.

9. Tire pressure is drastically affected by air volume, so ensure you are running the appropriate pressure, no matter what you might have run in the past. 

10. New isn’t necessary, but having spare small parts can be a true time- and ride-saver. 

Closing Thoughts on Bike Maintenance 

It's never a bad time to be prepared. I'm hoping that you can learn from my past mistakes to bike freely for years to come.
Keep cycling one pedal at a time and stay healthy.  
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